I dedicate this page to someone who truely does mean a lot to me.



English love poems

A silent tear
Silent words across a screen.
How could they mean so much to me.
I promised myself I would not cry.
Then a silent tear falls from my eye.
What did I do, what did I say,
To make you change your mind, the day you went away.
Everyday, waiting for a sign
To let me know, you might still want to be mine.

And other day comes and goes,
I want to write, but I can't, I know.
You said you needed me more than I needed you,
Why would you say that, if you knew it wasn't true?

Why did you say you loved me?
Then turn around and set me free?
I love you and want you,
But I know I can't make you love me.
~ by Lostinlove

Time to Say Goodbye
My heart is breaking in me;
It’s still you whom I adore;
My tears are overflowing:
You don’t love me anymore.

I sleepwalk through each day;
I pray to heaven above,
Hoping you will change your mind,
But I know I’ve lost your love.

I wish that things were different;
I wish it were the way it was,
But reality has no pity;
It just happens the way it does.

Will I ever feel any better,
With days when I don’t cry?
No matter what, it’s time to say
Goodbye, my love, goodbye.
By Joanna Fuchs

You Were My Everything

You were my everything;
Now you’re gone.
I don’t have the strength
To carry on.

Skies always seemed sunny
When you were here;
Now there’s nothing but gloom
In my atmosphere.

I loved you so much;
You were all I had;
Now my whole world
Is depressing and sad.

I’d like to start feeling
Other than blue,
But you were my everything,
What can I do?
By Joanna Fuchs


If Raindrops Were Tears
If raindrops were tears
And it rained every day,
The rain couldn't wash
My heartache away.

You're still my ideal;
My love never dies,
But it cuts to the bone--
What I see in your eyes.

You want me to stop;
You want to be friends,
But you'll be my true love
Until breath and life ends.
By Joanna Fuchs


Now That You’re Gone

Now that you’re gone, I realize
How much you meant to me.
My loss is wide as a starless night sky,
And deep as a stormy sea.

I miss the comfort of your sweet love,
Your absolute devotion;
Now I’m a fountain of endless tears,
A pool of sad emotion.

They tell me I should move on with life,
That time will heal my pain;
I smile and nod and agree with them,
While I slowly go insane.
By Joanna Fuchs

A gift from heaven
A gift from heaven
I prayed from above
That one day to find
My one true love
My soul so warm
And learns to grow
And a gift from God
I received below
A flower so beautiful
Your one of a kind
A love so pure
Most will never find
A gift from God
You are to me
Someone to love
And to make happy
I pray to God
One day you’ll see
My love for you
Will always be.

Confessions of a Broken Heart
Tears falling down my cheeks
just your smile makes me weak
how can you say i don't care?
when other girls are flirting with i can't do anything except stare
you say i make your heart go all a flutter
but how do i know you aren't saying that from one girl to another?
you confuse me in so many ways
your gorgeous eyes leave me in a daze
when i saw you with her
i felt so bad
just the thought of it now makes me sad
you and her hugging and kissing
that's something i will be missing.
Kayla Hale

If I’d Never Met You
If I’d never met you,
I wouldn’t feel the pain
Of losing your sweet love;
I wouldn’t feel insane.
But if I’d never met you,
I wouldn’t know the pleasure
Of ecstasy’s warm gifts
And memories to treasure.

Now moving on with life,
I force a wistful grin,
Questioning what went wrong
And wondering what might have been.
By Joanna Fuchs